Trying to get the outdoors-required stuff done before cold weather really sets in:  sanding, rust removal, paint work, polishing, et cetera.  It’s not very glamorous or photogenic so I haven’t been posting much, but things are happening.  The goal is to be able to move the Royal indoors so I can finish it up in comfort over the winter.

Lest you think I’m some kind of typewriter-abusing maniac, I work on things out in my shed. It has a roof and protection from the elements but only a tiny space heater for warmth. Not a problem for most of the year, but winter overwhelms the poor thing so it’s either bring my hobbies inside or let them sit until spring. So here I sit, frantically sanding down the final few pieces of metal that need refinishing while the temperature drops outside. Living on the edge, that’s me.

Here’s a quick shot of the Royal as it stands today.  The keyboard remains a mess, the other side still needs re-pinstriping, and some of the parts you can’t see are sitting in a rust bath – but it looks pretty good from this angle.  Types wonderfully too.


Sadly the Varityper will probably have to wait until spring, mainly because I have absolutely nowhere to work on that behemoth inside the house.  I think it has its own postal code. Send fan mail to Varityper, PO Box 001, Varityper NJ.  It’ll get there, believe me.


2 thoughts on “Housekeeping!”

    1. Thanks! Luckily the outlines of the original stripes were just barely visible, so I was able to use them as a guide. Still took about a week of painstaking work to repaint them though. I should take some better pictures (they’re much brighter than that shot makes it look) and maybe type up a how-to guide.


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